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Family Grown. Women Owned.


Moon Shine Gardens is one of Oregon's first OLCC-certified,
recreational cannabis gardens.

We believe in premium quality products and strive to bring you
the finest outdoor cannabis under the Southern Oregon sun.

We love our garden and our dedicated family-crew
who help bring the fruits of our labor to you. 


Our Roots

Moon Shine Gardens is the brain child of two fun loving Oregon girls with a vision, access to a beautiful piece of water rich land and a whole lot of ambition! This would have been an impossible feat if not for our supportive families & our kick ass crew!

The Garden

In 2016 Moonshine Gardens completed an ambitious endeavour to provide some of the finest outdoor flower to Oregon's emerging recreational cannabis market. We're an OLCC licensed tier-2 producer and we're excited for what lies ahead! Click on the button below to see what came out of the garden this season.  


 - our mission - 

We strive to cultivate the finest outdoor cannabis
found in oregon.

We're obsessed in our endevor and love what we do.